Why Use an Australian Virtual Assistant

Outsourcing various office administration and marketing functions is nothing new. Businesses have long hired outside contractors to arrange their advertising, public relations and marketing. Absolute Assistance – Virtual Assistant is the perfect addition to your business and can assist you with general administration such as word processing right through to helping you follow through your marketing plans.

Working with a virtual assistant has many benefits:

  • Simplify your work load.
  • Add valuable time and save money. Click here to view potential savings from hiring a Virtual Assistant.
  • You only pay for services used for the length of time needed.
  • Reduce your overheads.
  • Free up internal resources.
  • A fully-equipped office. There’s no need for you to provide office space or computer equipment. We have the full suite of Microsoft Office software, a colour printer, fax services and other facilities that may be required to complete your tasks.
  • An all-inclusive hourly rate. Using Absolute Assistance for your administrative needs eliminates the stress of having to pay costs associated with keeping salaried secretarial staff, e.g. superannuation, salaries, insurances, office equipment, parental leave and office space. Our hourly rate incorporates all of these costs.
  • No minimum time requirement. Many temp agencies have half-day minimums for their staff but at Absolute Assistance – Virtual Assistant you only pay for the time you use.
  • Time and flexibility. Outsourcing the administrative day-to-day tasks to Absolute Assistance will give you back the time you need to focus on the growth of your business. We work with you that suit you and your business.

The positives definitely outweigh any negatives.

  • Your business becomes OUR business.
  • Professional assistance as required.
  • Access to valuable knowledge and expertise.
  • Best of all you can do what you do best!