Ways to Increase Your Facebook Following from 200 to 500

Increasing your number of Facebook followers so that you can get your message out and extend your reach is critical to your success. After all, millions of businesses are now using Facebook and other platforms to connect with their customers, start conversations, build their brands and generate new leads, so you need to increase your reach in order to remain competitive.

Being able to increase your following on Facebook and other social media outlets, however, is easier said than done.

The following tips will help you to increase your following on Facebook and other forms of social media.

Keep it Interesting!

Do you know why most people stop following brands and organisations which they are already connected to?


If you want to attract new followers and keep the ones that you already have, you need to create and post interesting content.  When creating content, look for ways to shake things up with your headlines, create completely new content, and use photos, videos and other images to capture interest and convey emotions and connect more easily with your followers.

Make it Easy to Share

In addition to creating content that will attract notice and retain your followers’ interest, you want to make your content to be accessible as easily as possible.  Make certain that your posts have buttons that make it easy for followers to share your content across multiple platforms.

Make it Easy for Personal Followers to Find Your Business Page

You probably already have a lot of followers in the form of friends, relatives, classmates, work colleagues and peers over on your personal Facebook page. Make certain that it’s easy for these people to follow you over to your business page.

So, post about your business on your personal page every so often, and include a direct link to your business page directly in your personal posts.

It’s also a good idea to update your work experience to include the proper link to your company Facebook page instead of allowing it to default to a generic community page.

Join in the Conversations!

Do you have interests and causes that you care about?  Do you belong to any groups of like-minded individuals?

Rather than commenting on posts as your personal Facebook account, use your business Facebook in these posts to attract interest and leads from potential new followers and supporters.

Build and Support Your Network – Collaborate and Cooperate!

Setting up and managing your company page can be quite the challenge, and no one really understands the difficulties and benefits. more than another page manager. Why not reach out to the page managers in your similar demographic group and seek support? This can really work great if you are already friends with other businesses in a local or regional merchant group. You just need to find a way to agree to cooperate and collaborate by cross sharing each other’s posts, co-hosting webinars other joint ventures.  In this way, you are able to introduce each other to one another’s existing following as well as build your reputations together.

Don’t Forget About Contests and Special Discounts!

Everyone likes to get a deal, and it’s even better if there is a chance to get something free. So, why not promote your company Facebook page by offering new fans a discount for liking and sharing your posts, or run contests where entrants enter a drawing for a free product or service simply by liking your page and sharing a specific post with their own followers?

Keep it Short, Simple and Add a Personal Touch

Finally, shorter posts tend to have greater levels of engagement. So, try to keep any text in your messages on the shorter side. If you have something complex you are trying to get across, don’t be afraid to break up a longer post into shorter ones so that the message is simple and easier to understand.

It’s also a good idea to add a personal touch and let your personality shine through in your posts because all of us are more drawn to people, and posts, that seem warm, genuine, and fun!

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