Office Administration Support

Outsourcing your business administration to an Australian virtual assistant can assist you to reduce your time in the office, which allows you to work on gaining more customers and reach your goals faster.

Administration support covers a wide variety of roles within a business and can quite often be overlooked as an important role within a business.

Some of our administration services are listed in the right hand side of this page. If you find that you are working into the night on your business, or that you can never seem to manage your to do list or complete projects that will help your business to grow contact us today to discuss your needs. We can provide you with a variety solutions that will fit within your budget to achieve your goals.

  • Business Templates

    There are many records and forms that are required within the back processes of business. Sometime these important forms are always the last items to set up and if done properly they can make your administration easier. If you are starting your business or are in a stage of growth electronic forms can also make your administration processes run smoothly. Be sure to advise us if you would like your forms to be able to be filled in electronically.
  • Price Lists

    Do you find that your suppliers update their prices every 6 to 12 months? You could be missing out on profit if your prices are not constantly updated. Our excel and web experience means that you can ensure that your files and website stays up to date.[/
  • Letters and Mail Merge

    Developing, typing and setting up mail merged letters can be a time consuming task. Our advanced Word skills ensure that your letters and mail merges are set up correctly so that all you need to do in the future is alter the data and date
  • Filing

    Using cloud technology you too can now have assistance with ensuring that your electronic filing is consistent and easy to use. If you prefer to have someone in your office contact us and we will assist you to find the right person to assist you.
  • Interactive PDF Forms

    Does your business use forms internally as well as externally? Did you know that converting your forms to be electronic interactive forms will cut time in half for your team to process work? Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you to convert your forms into interactive workable forms.
  • Manuals, Reports and Proposals

    When your business is set for growth or if you are constantly employing staff a well written and documented manual on office procedures and tasks will ensure that they become a valuable team member in half the time.
  • Graphs and Charts

    Setting up graphs and charts can some times be a challenge for the beginner or intermediate user of Microsoft packages. Our very experienced team has many years experience in setting up graphs and charts that ensure you can get the right information across in your next presentation.
  • Email Management

    Are you a solo business operator who is missing out on leads because you can only hve the time to ceck your emails twice a day? Perhaps you are going on leave and need someone to monitor and respond to your emails in a professional manner. Hiring a professional virtual assistant as your PA to assist you with this task will increase your productivity and customer service levels.
  • File Conversion – PDF to word

    There is lots of software available that can assist you to convert your PDF into a word document however, quite often there is still lots of formatting that is required to get it to look like the original document. Our conversion services also include formatting and can also convert scanned documents into your selected format.
  • Travel and Accommodation

    Do you travel more than 12 times per year and spend hours planning your itinerary or searching for accommodation? Our administration services can save you time by planning and scheduling your meetings and provide you with a final detailed itinerary.
  • Receive and Send your Faxes

    With so much technology available the use of faxes are quickly becoming obsolete. There is however still the need for faxes every now and again. You can feel confident that a fax is always available and can be forwarded to your inbox within seconds of receiving it.
  • Document Formatting

    There are so many options when it comes to document formatting, that it can be difficult to find them all. Our many years experience working with Microsoft and Adobe products ensures that your document is set up for proper use of styles, headers, footers etc, that will make it easier for you as your document grows. Some of our document formatting includes reports, manuals, letters, tenders and eBooks.
  • Data Entry

    Outsourcing your data entry will allow you to focus on other tasks at hand. If you find your have copious amounts of business cards or contacts that need updating contact us for a quote today.
  • Word Processing

    Do you find yourself sitting at the computer, spending hours typing with two fingers? Our administrative support services allow you the freedom to hand over your documents that need typing to free your time for other important tasks.
  • Data Base Creation

    If you are planning on a mail out campaign our experienced team can assist you to develop a database using various reliable methods.

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