Benefits of Partnering With A Virtual Assistant

While a Virtual Assistant (VA) can be responsible for basic administration services such as answering your phones, taking messages, managing appointments and so much more over the course of the day, it is the value they add to your business that makes them so important. Regardless of the industry, a qualified Virtual Assistant can be one of the best investments you make this year.

A VA saves you money

The money saving benefit occurs on so many levels.

As a VA works from their own space, there is no requirement to provide a computer, stationery or even a desk. While the hourly rate may seem a little more than an employee, you do not have to pay their taxes, or anything else relating to HR, as they are essentially self-employed. A big cost saving is that you only pay for the hours worked and any expenses which have been previously agreed by both parties.

A VA allows you to meet your deadlines

There will undoubtedly be those times when you are so busy you cannot think straight. Partnering with a Virtual Assistant can allow them to jump in at any time and help get those projects completed, which enables you to meet the deadlines without stress and worry. Customer service and keeping to a schedule is important to your clients. Having a VA at your disposal can provide an extra pair of hands without any obligation to burn the midnight oil.

A VA saves you time

If you think about all the tasks you could allocate to your VA over the course of a day and add them up, that’s a huge part of the day that you could spend focusing on growing and building up your business. From social media management to keeping your website current – a VA is just an email or phone call away.

A VA is there when you want them

While you may not use a VA every day, they are especially useful for one-off or ongoing projects or busy seasonal periods.

Partnering with the right VA for you can ensure you meet those deadlines without the commitment or the need to advertise for the position every time you need help, hire external employees, and train staff specifically for the role. Use them as and when you need them.

A VA gives you easy access to a professional

A VA may be an expert in website development or report writing – or even a specialist in marketing or social media. Everyone has their own talent, and a VA is no different. By tapping into a VA’s diverse skill set, you get the benefit of their knowledge while spending time on the things you are good at. A VA is committed to the service they provide and are incredibly focused on the value they add when contributing to your business.

A VA minimises personal training requirements

You may be confused by website creation or the latest in social media apps. Rather than taking time off to learn about them, you can use the individual abilities and talents of your VA. They can enhance your business without you having to undergo any training at all.

A VA can offer a fresh perspective

It is easy to become so involved in a project that you lose sight of where you are heading or even the original aim at times. A VA can offer fresh insight into your business or a project and help guide you through. They have the benefit of working outside your organisation and can view things from a unique perspective.

A VA allows you to market and grow your business effectively

Not only can a VA help you strengthen your business with their extensive and up to date knowledge,  what you save on salaries and benefits can be spent on PR and marketing. Don’t let your personnel budget suffocate your margin for growth. While they are spending time handling the day to day tasks, you can focus on the bigger picture.

A VA offers all round convenience

A VA offers convenient access to staff for however long you require. It is all about utilising their time to the best of your ability.

Outsourcing specific tasks and projects are becoming more popular with entrepreneurs, startups, and even those operating within a traditional business setup.

While these are some of the benefits of partnering with a VA, the best benefit of all is that when you find the right VA it’s just like you have an extended team member where your business becomes their business.

Contact Absolute Assistance to find out what we can do to add value to your organisation while avoiding the necessity of hiring full-time employees. Not only will you save time and money, but you will also be more efficient when it comes to meeting deadlines and completing projects. Let us help you grow your business today!

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