Tips to Create Engaging Content

I’ve lost count of the number of times clients and people in business have asked me how they can make Facebook work for them. “How do I get people to ‘like’ my business’ Facebook page?”, “I don’t seem to be able to get seen on Facebook” are common complaints.

Facebook is socialising and networking with people. So the way you use it should project your Facebook page as the human, social expression of your business values. Some tips to create engaging content for your followers include:

  1. Even if you are a sole trader, keep your personal and your business Facebook Pages separate. Don’t express contentious opinions about sensitive social or political issues.
  2. Keep it real, keep it human. All good businesses should have a purpose, which is ultimately about serving human needs. As the owner of a business, you should be clear as to what that purpose is. If you’re not, talk to us about Assistance with your planning! Use everyday language and keep the jargon and buzzwords to a minimum – contrary to widespread belief, they don’t lend a professional feel to your page.
  3. Don’t over ‘sell’. Use your Facebook page to position yourself as the expert in your business that you are. If people are visiting your business’ Facebook page, it’s because they are interested in what you do. Feed their interest don’t overtly exploit it.
  4. Keep it relevant. Spend the time needed to find material that is congruent with your business. Create a file in your computer or tablet in which you can quickly dump and save promising links, quotes, and so on. Read more here on how to plan for success and download your planner here.
  5. A picture speaks a thousand words. An arresting image can be worth any number of clever words.
  6. When it comes to ‘likers’ and followers, go for quality over quantity. One fully engaged follower who needs the service you provide is worth ten ‘lurkers’ who don’t really know why they’re there!
  7. Ask and answer questions. Obviously that means answering questions posted on your Facebook page. Use your Facebook page to pose and answer questions, using language that is conversational yet professional. These questions are great opportunities to put in a Call-to-action (CTA) – “If you’d like to discuss your ……….. call our reception on ……..” But be careful as Facebook does get sneaky but penalising these posts so it is a good idea to add it in the comments section.
  8. Keep learning – learn from your followers, and bring what you learn from the wider conduct of your business to your Facebook page. Your appetite for improvement will convey itself to your followers and friends, and they will like you all the better for it.
  9. Create short video’s. Video is one of the highest methods of engagement with people. An interesting fact that I read here , is that 95% of people remember a good video and what it taught them compare to only 10% of what they read in text.

Ideas that you could include in video’s are short snappy sales pitches, tips, how to’s and how to use your product.

Here’s a great tip – Try uploading video directly onto your page. Add a call to action at the end of the video. It really does show a higher rate of page engagement than just a text post or image. To view more tips with recent changes click here.

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