The Secret to Survive this Christmas

It’s that time of year again – would you believe there’s only

Christmas time for most business owners is one of the busiest times of the year. For many, it’s a hard-nosed opportunity to ride the crest of the retail wave that happens at this time of the year. But for all businesses, it’s a time to renew their connections with customers and collaborators. It provides an opportunity to remind people that you value them and their contribution to your business.

But Christmas also brings with it a host of unwelcome stresses. Simply making sure you plan and implement your Christmas marketing campaigns is demanding enough – making sure you send greetings to all the people who are important to you and your business, and that you respond appropriately to the seasonal greetings you receive can have you curled up in a corner sucking your thumb. If that was you last Christmas, read on, because it’s likely you could use some Virtual Assistance.

In my experience anything to do with administration such as filing is always the first task that gets put to the side when the pressure’s on. And around Christmas that includes creating and maintaining Christmas Card lists – my clients often speak of getting a familiar, sinking feeling when Christmas Card time comes round, mixed with mild but rising panic, as the last days before Christmas approach.

The second thing I see falling by the wayside at Christmas time is the marketing push that most businesses should be doing, either to ride the Christmas retail surge, or to keep the business busy during the silly season that follows it.

A virtual assistant can take the terror out of Christmas. Here’s a 7-point checklist for you and your VA:

  1. Implement your Christmas season marketing plan. You do have one right?
  2. Manage your social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Pinterest and website to look and feel like Christmas.
  3. Maintain and update your database – sending seasonal greetings doesn’t have to be a mind-numbing, baffling experience!
  4. Create and distribute professionally designed advertisements.
  5. Assist you with managing and responding to emails allowing to devote the time you need to taking care of gifts for your friends and family.
  6. Design and distribute your Christmas newsletter – take care of sending Christmas cards that say thank you to your customers.
  7. Make a Christmas video highlighting the products in your range that make great Christmas gifts.

This is a far from comprehensive list. A good VA will have at his or her fingertips all the Christmas tasks that give you the horrors, and should be able to prompt you to create your task list – so that this year, the season really is festive.

What is one Christmas task that you desperately would like to be able to have help with this Christmas?

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