Take the Time to Blow your Own Trumpet

Start Nominating Yourself for Business Awards

There are numerous compelling reasons why every business should look seriously at putting themselves up for awards. On the other hand, there are very few reasons why some businesses don’t. We get it; people have enough work to do without adding on ‘extras’, but nominating your business to gain recognition for all that hard work is well worth it. Here’s why. 

Discover New Horizons

Taking the time to find out about all the awards in your industry will give you a better idea of how you are positioned in your field. Looking at previous winners can give incredible inspiration to teams looking at how to successfully accomplish lofty goals, and might even put you in touch with mentors you can learn from.

Get Good Press

Putting yourself out into the positive, celebratory sphere of award competitions is one of the best ways to get more public exposure for your enterprise. Whether or not you win, you can gain far reaching attention, and your name will spread further than it will if you don’t put your hand up at all.

Show Confidence

Confidence breeds confidence. Taking the time to put together an awards submission also gives you time to reflect on what is truly special and unique about your work. Some businesses use it as a chance to reaffirm their mission, and refocus their efforts. Describing what you are proudest of is a good way to get yourself pumped for working even harder into the next phase. People working with you will also feel a boost of pride when they learn of your preparations, and this can positively effect their performance too.

You Just Might Win

Clearly, you have to be in it to win it. The benefits of simply entering are substantial enough, but the winners (and there will be winners) get even more perks. Positive press and being able to advertise the recognition within your industry will draw more clients to your business, and enable you to build on your success.

It doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but blowing your own trumpet is justified when it comes to declaring the sincere effort put into your business, and the valuable products and services you offer. Nominating your enterprise for awards is a worthwhile endeavour that can keep spurring your business towards ever greater recognition and success.

Oh, and once you’re nominated, don’t forget to splash that fact across your social media sites, your website and even in your email signature. A nomination carries almost as much weight as a win!

If you need help preparing your award nomination, give us a call on 0410 442 623 and we’ll get you started.

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