Blog all about it! Three sure-fire tips to gain content for your blog.

I recently wrote a post about promoting your website that included ten effective tips that will get you on your way to start promoting it. (To view the article click here). It was great to hear that so many of you started to implement the tips right away and I hope that you are now starting to see some results. There were so many questions I received about point number one, starting a blog. The question was asked, “What do I do”, “how do I set it up?” and the biggest one “What do I blog about?”

‘What do I blog about’ is always the hardest one to do, however once you have a formula it becomes easy.

Here are my top three things that you can do to ensure that you have content to blog about.

1. How to’s – Teach others little tips and tricks about how to do something that you know how to do. Of course you don’t want to teach them your entire skill, but keeping it to an easy-to-read snap shot will help you to gain reader interest and followers. Another idea is to create a series of how to’s to complete an entire project. Photos can help too.

2. Write what you know – If you offer professional services, then write about a topic that relates to your industry or better still your service offering. This will make it so much easier as you’ll be in your comfort zone subject matter-wise, and will find that once you get started you’ll have so much more to say. Be careful though not to plug your services too much here or it might sound too much like an advertisement. Readers still want a bit of entertainment and education with their subtle marketing material.

And a drum roll for my top tip and tip number three:

3. Listen. All you need to do is listen to what your customers and prospects are asking and blog about the answer. Pretty much like I’m doing right now…

While it can sometimes be difficult to come up with new ideas I find that the best way to get them is to keep a bank of questions on a spreadsheet as they come. That way when you get the chance to blog you have plenty of new things to write about.

While blogging may come easy for some it may take a few goes to get the knack of it and to feel confident about what you have to say. If you keep at it you will soon have a fan base and start to receive feedback, which will motivate you even more. Blogging is a bit like exercise – it takes a while to get fit (be confident in writing) but soon becomes much easier.

Happy blogging!

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