3 Ways to Help Reduce the Bounce Rate on Your Website

Do you check your website stats diligently every morning, week or month and in your mind, you seem to be doing everything right? Your marketing is going well, your visitor rates are up; yet at the same time, your bounce rate is through the roof? Converting visitors to customers is just out of reach, and you aren’t sure what do to about it….

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Firstly, it is important to know that you are not alone in this issue. Many businesses, both small and large, struggle to keep visitors on their website long enough to convert them into customers.

What is bounce rate?

Your bounce rate is the number of people who visit your website and then leave as quickly as they came. They don’t make an effort to click on any other page other than the landing page, and they don’t purchase anything while they are there. The bounce rate is given as a percentage and the higher the number, the more your strategy needs to be examined.

So what can you do to change this?

Create Relevant Content

The only way people will stay on your page is if the content is relevant to their needs. Consider whether your website is offering the visitor the experience they are seeking. Look at the pages in question and see if you can provide more pertinent information that will keep them on the page, and ultimately, on your website longer. Is it possible to add a call to action to the content to move them from visitor to interested party? Offering a free download, eBook or online course is a great way to progress them into your sales funnel and gives you a chance to build on their possible interests. After all, that is why they came to your website in the first place, isn’t it?

Develop Hidden Content

Hidden content or downloads are ideal for captivating the visitor for just that little bit longer. Offer them something newsworthy or helpful to develop their interest. Again, whatever you showcase must provide actual value to your reader; otherwise, what’s the point?

Pay close attention to your copywriting on your landing pages and hidden content pages to reach those most interested in your products or services. Boost your content marketing by maximising your exposure every chance you get.

Keep It Simple

There is no need to be overly flashy, or clever, or complicated, or sophisticated – or any other manner of descriptive words which can be inserted here. Be you – the real you and always aim to keep it simple. By being authentic with your presentation and information, you can take your users on a journey.

Don’t complicate your website with exceedingly sophisticated navigation and themes. Limit the popups where possible, and cut out the distractions.

Your aim is to meet user expectations on every level, and unfortunately, you only have approximately 15 seconds to captivate them with your charm and knowledge. Make the most of it.

Your website may be designed by you, but the stark truth is, it should be all about the user – your prospect customer. This means accommodating to their needs, their desires and their requirements.

Keep your website fresh and up to date to heighten their reader experience. Keep it relevant with an appropriate call to action, develop specialised content and keep it simple.

This winning three-step formula will improve your bounce rates in no time at all.

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