The Business

Lynette Crowley is considered a founder of the virtual assistant industry. She has owned and operated her own virtual assistant business of over 15 years.  Like Absolute Assistance, she provides virtual typing/secretarial support, and copy editing (sentence structure and grammatical editing) and proofreading assistance to businesses and individuals.

The Brief

  • Build a website that is easy to navigate and use for clients and potential clients
  • Use WordPress CMS that allows the client to easily adapt and change the website as the business grows
  • Give users the ability to submit online enquiries
  • Ensure the website adapts for use on all devices.
  • SEO capability

The Absolute Assistance Method

After meeting with Mackenzie Secretarial we provided Lynette with several concepts for approval.

The Result

The design presented was well accepted and required only very minor modifications from the first design draft.

Since the launch Lynette has been easily able to maintain and edit the website herself and has gained many clients who have stumbled across her website looking for her services.

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