New Year, New Site – 9 essential things for your website review.

If you’re anything like me you spent the Christmas break working on your business marketing plans for 2014.

When I talk to other business owners, the first thing on their list is a website review. They recognise the need to increase website traffic as well as sales. As part of your new year website review there are nine things that should form part of your checklist:

  1. Google Analytics. There are so many websites that still don’t have Google analytics tracking on them, which is denying owners the ability to review and monitor what is and isn’t working within their website as well as where their leads are coming from. Google Analytics is easy to set up and is a simple tracking code that is placed in the back end of your website.
  2. Quality content. Making sure that your content is clear, useful and up to date is important to ensure that your business looks professional, trustworthy. It will also ensure that people will return.
  3. Easy to use. Easy-to-use navigation is important so that people can quickly find what they are looking for and easily make contact with you. Keep your site as simple as possible.
  4. Quick downloads. There is nothing worse than entering a website and having to wait for images to download and appear. Simply by posting images in a lower resolution will ensure quick and efficient downloading. Generally I recommend that images should be no higher than 72dpi.
  5. Social media links. Ensuring that you have your social media pages linked to your website will help you gain more followers who will see your regular updates. It also shows that you are up to date with social media avenues.
  6. Update frequently. Keeping your website updated regularly not only looks good for the ’Google SEO robots‘ but also shows your customers and potential customers that you are still in business, are aware of new products, services and developments which will encourage them to keep returning to your website.
  7. Clear and easy-to-find contact details. You generally have little time to capture a potential customer’s attention before they click out so it is important that they can clearly see details on how to get in contact with you. It also provides reassurance that you are a trustworthy business with services and reliability behind the website facade.
  8. Domain names. There have been several incidents of business owners contacting me due to mistaken identities and having other businesses piggy backing off their marketing efforts. The trick here is to ensure that you own the .com,, .net and domains. You can easily check your business availability here.
  9. Mobile site. I spent my Christmas break with very limited access to my laptop. Needless to say my trusty smartphone was working over-time when I needed to Google something, check emails or update my social media. I was amazed at how many websites don’t have a mobile version. According to Google’s ‘Our Mobile Planet,’ 52% of Australia’s population now owns a smartphone. It’s pretty clear that if you don’t already have a mobile version of your website then you should get one… as soon as possible.

It is always helpful and easy to check if your website meets the criteria by simply asking your customers or friends and family for feedback. If you are looking for a program that can assist you with your survey, we suggest Survey Monkey. Best of all, it has a free option.

Happy analysing!

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