How To Set Your Business Up To Go Virtual

The times we live in are defined by technology and its use for everything from entertainment to making money, so if your business is not virtual yet, it’s high time you set it up! It is clear that the portion of business conducted online – in terms of sales, services and support – will continue to grow and gain importance. Below are a few tips that will help you prepare your business and make sure you are as ‘online’ as possible.

Providing Online Services and Making Sales

Not every business can provide services on the Internet, but sales are a different matter. Everyone can sell on the Internet – and that’s what makes it one of the most important sources for new customers and income. Whatever services or products you provide, you can now let people buy/book/reserve them online. You need to make sure that your business is fully capable of online trading. If you sell products, make sure you have an e-commerce shop with an easy checkout system and a number of paying options. Have in mind that more and more people use PayPal nowadays as it is an easy and reliable system. If you don’t offer PayPal checkout yet, consider ensuring this as an option for buyers.

Offering Great Customer Support

Whether your business provides an exclusively online service or just a booking/ordering system, you need to have a great online support system that will provide answers and solutions to your customers. When it comes to customer support, the most important features are fast, accurate and helpful replies, so make sure you monitor the support e-mail during work hours, or, if you offer 24/7 support – at all times. One of the great new features many businesses offer is online chat support. It is more convenient than phoning or writing an e-mail and it provides a real time problem solution service.

Finding New Customers

In order to increase your customer base and online sales, make sure your website is SEO-friendly and that you have a great advertising/optimisation campaign running. If you are not sure what the current state of your website/marketing/advertising is, you may benefit from hiring a specialist to help you out.

Hire a Virtual Team

Once you are efficiently set up online and your business is running smoothly, take the next step and outsource to your virtual team. Do what you enjoy and what you’re good at. Hand over the marketing, bookkeeping, admin, packaging and anything you prefer not to do. Play to your strengths and support yourself with a reliable team. With a virtual team in place, you set yourself up well to build a bigger business and work from wherever in the world you want to.

If you are looking for your business to go virtual, you do have a few points to think about and take care of. You might already be ahead on the list, but if you are just starting, do not worry – going virtual is not scary at all! Make sure you give it a try and if you need help, just call!

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