How to Increase your WordPress Website Performance

We live in an age where people expect to access information from the internet as quickly as possible. That means you have approximately 3 seconds to explain to a user exactly what it is that you do, in the most precise way. Speed obviously plays a big part in maintaining a prospective client’s interest. If the website fails to load immediately, then you will rapidly lose their attention and they will move on to your competitor’s site instead.

While your website hosting provider plays a significant part in the performance of your website speed and response time, here are a few tips to help ensure that your WordPress website is running at its best.

Analyse your website speed 

Unless you know how fast your site is running, you cannot make the necessary upgrades. GTmetrix and Google’s Page Speed will help you determine the current speed and advise you on changes you can make to your existing WordPress website.

  • GTmetrix gives website owners insight into how quickly their website loads and provides recommendations on how to optimise its performance.
  • Google’s Page Speed tool acts in a similar fashion as GTmetrix. It analyses your website listing any performance issues while rating overall user experience.

Reduce the size of your images

The size of your images can be an issue as they are, by nature, larger than text. Resizing or scaling the images so they minimise the loading time is recommended where possible. In most cases, smaller pictures are much more desirable than larger ones.

Consider performance when choosing a theme, not just aesthetics 

WordPress offers a wide range of theme options to make designing a website simple. For the most part, website owners choose them purely on their aesthetics rather than its performance. No matter how well you configure your server, however, opting for a theme with inadequate coding can make for a very negative user experience. Try not to become too attached to a particular theme until you understand how well it will work from a viewer’s point of view.

Keep your website updated

When you are using an open source Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, you need to make sure that everything, including your plugins, is up to date. Neglecting to keep a close eye on your website can cause unnecessary downtime affecting your bottom line. Absolute Assistance can offer a monthly maintenance service to ensure that this does not happen. Our aim is to keep your website up to date and fully functional all day, every day.

Remove unnecessary plugins installed on your CMS

Installing ineffective plugins full of bugs can take up a lot of your server’s resources as the website will require more processing power to load. This may result in a loss of memory and storage space leading to slower performance speeds for your viewers. Remove any unnecessary or poor performing plugins to avoid this from happening.

Analyse your website traffic

Google Analytics is particularly helpful in understanding the rise and fall of your visitor activity and website traffic. Their browsing habits can help you gather targeted data on who is visiting, where they came from, what keywords they used to find you and what they did while they were there.

Many WordPress owners believe that optimising a website to get the best results requires a technical expert, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Any entrepreneur or blogger can boost the performance of their site by first, understanding the basics and second, performing regular checks and updates.

Of course, we have only touched the surface with these basic tips. Next month, we will provide more advanced enhancements you can adopt using WordPress plugins to make your website run even more efficiently.

If website speed and customer service effectiveness are high on your priority list, and you would like to learn about our website development packages, please contact us at or click here for an instant quote.

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