How to Write a Blog Post – Part Two

Last week in Part One – How to Write a Blog Post, I wrote about tips on to how to write a blog post that others actually want to read and share.

The next step in the series is looking at a simple outline that will help you to get started with writing your blog post. It’s a question I get asked often and while some find it easy enough, the following 5 step formula will ensure that you have more confidence to write.

Step One – Create a Captivating Title

I find that by starting with a title it helps me to stay on track about what I want to write. It not only sets the scene for what you will cover but will also give you an idea on what type of post you will write.

The trick with creating a title is to make it short, sharp and snappy. Last week I spoke about keeping your headlines simple but using one that compels a reader to click on it to read more.

Tip – Make sure you review the title at the end to make sure it’s still relevant. 

Step Two – Start with an introduction

At the start of your blog post, start with what you will talk about. The idea here is to capture your reader’s attention. Try starting with a rhetorical question about their pain point and then go onto how you can help them to fix it by reading further.

Once you have done that the next paragraph should introduce your first point of the body.

Step Three – Tell your story

Depending on what type of blog post will depend on how you tell the story. If you are writing a “How To” post like this one, you can list your first point.

This is the main area of the blog post and in this part, you need to deliver on what you promised you would cover in the introduction. The trick here is to keep the reader interested. Try using headings and spread your points out so there is some white space. Bullet points or numbered lists to help break it up. Short sharp paragraphs is another great way to help mix it up a little.

Step Four – Wrap it all up

Once you have told the story, wrap it up altogether by paraphrasing what you just covered and the key points that they need to take away.

In this section if there is a specific call to action that you want your readers to take then this where to add it. Some call to action points could be to

  • Download a checklist or eBook
  • Request more information
  • Comment
  • Share the post on social media

Step Five – Revise and Edit

Once you have written your post, start from the beginning and reread it to make sure it makes sense. Check spelling, grammar and layout. Ask yourself

  • Have I covered what I said I would cover in the introduction?
  • Does it make sense?
  • Have I stayed on topic?

If you’re not confident in your own ability get another set of eyes to look at it. I always find that writing posts one day and then re-reading the next day when I am fresh helps to find any errors I may have made.

If you’re still trying to work out what type of post you would like to write, take a look here at 5 types of blog posts you can write.

Not everyone finds it easy to start from step one so don’t be afraid to mix it up and write the body, end, introduction and then title. Everyone has their own way of writing so do what works best for you.

Now that you know a bit more about how to tell your story and the layout of a blog post there’s no excuse to not blog. If you still find you need some help to write post’s or simply don’t have the time to create content, feel free to contact us here. Our team is waiting and would love to help you!







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