How to Grow Your Email Database

How to Grow Your Email database.

Your email database is still relevant in today’s marketing world and the longer you are in business, the more important it is to source new email subscribers continually. Newsletter promotion has proven itself, time and time again, to be one of the best ways to reach your customer base and keep your followers updated. Here are some of our top tips to grow your email database list.

Continue to publish great content worthy of sharing. If your content is not valuable or interesting, then it will fail to gain the reader’s interest or be shared amongst your subscribers and their friends and family. Encouraging your subscribers to share via social sharing buttons is very helpful in increasing the numbers.

Create a worthwhile contest asking readers to subscribe. Offering a competition in exchange for signing up is an engaging, not to mention, fun way of growing your subscriber list. The prize can, of course, take many forms depending on what your business is; but whatever it is, at least make it relevant to your readers.

Make your newsletter sign-up form hard to miss. Make your sign-up form readily available to those who visit your website. Even better, use a pop-up, so it is impossible to miss. While many business owners may not be a fan of this type of marketing, results show that your subscriber base will grow continuously by using this method.

Create a guide to exchange for signing up. Giving something of value away for free is a great exchange for having someone follow you – an industry or white paper is very useful; quid pro quo. Again it needs to be relevant to the interests of your readers and what you do. Tips, a how-to guide; an e-book; you are limited only by your imagination.

Hold a webinar to gain new subscribers. Think outside the box. Why not hold a webinar to capture leads? You can collect emails at registration and deliver a valuable content focused webinar direct to your followers. Again relevance is key. It could be an introductory webinar, question and answer session, or an update on some latest aspects of your trade.

Offer an incentive for sign-up. Offer a discount for those who subscribe; 20% off their first order, a free this or that. What could you offer that would incentivise people to sign up to your newsletter? Remember the question you should be asking yourself each and every time is what can I offer them first and foremost?

Continually growing your customer base is the cornerstone to the success of your business in the long term. The trick is to offer a variety of things that may interest potential subscribers and offer them into the mix. You may find that one option is more popular than another. Failing to try is in reality, failing to succeed. Good luck!

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