eMail marketing bloopers

You have probably heard it all by now. The importance of email marketing, the facts about how they help build relationships with your clients and customers, how to write an enewsletter, The do’s and don’ts of email marketing and so on.

But god forbid what happens if you create, edit, test, revise and send your email only to realise that there is a HUGE mistake, an obvious mistake that sticks out. The section where your merged clients name is meant to sit still says {TEST NAME}.

First-things-first. You definitely won’t be the first to do this and most likely won’t ever be the last. It will definitely give you the sinking feeling in the stomach but alas don’t despair there are some things that you can do to fix it all up while still keeping face.

I recently read a great apology letter from a rather large not for profit organisation who had sent out thousands of emails to their wrong database… Could you imagine that? Needless to say they admitted that there were copious amount of unsubscribes and hundreds of emails asking what the? They also blogged about it and apologised again and had so much response from people who were accepting of their apology.

The process that they went through was and is simple. Acknowledge, apologise and move on. Your customers and clients are receiving hundreds of emails like yours every day providing them with information and promotions on their products. Truth is they have probably seen similar error all before, unsubscribed and the business has lost out and worked twice as hard to gain another subscriber. Through using this process and by taking responsibility by acknowledging the error you are showing that you are human and most likely you will build your relationship even further with your customer (that’s if they haven’t already unsubscribed).

I can’t tell you how many emails I have received in the past several weeks with Dear <<TEST NAME>>, which as a test for this post I politely wrote back (as I know probably quite a few people also would have) to let them know of the error. Would you believe not one response no thanks, no bulk personalised apology for their error to correct their mistake. Needless to say there have been many unsubscribes from me to lists of late.

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