Creating the Perfect Lead Campaign

To succeed in business, you must keep your prospects and clients interested and motivated. A big part of achieving that goal is to establish whether they feel nurtured and supported each step of the way during any marketing or lead campaign.

It is best that you don’t leave it all to chance, but rather take the time to create the ideal lead campaign to grow your business. Follow this advice, and you cannot go wrong!

Be Organised

The first thing you need to do is find time to sit down and make a plan.

Organisation with a ‘capital O’ is on the agenda. Think about what it is you want to do with your customers and then create a campaign that will flow from one stage to the next. Map out the information you require in your landing pages, confirmation pages, and emails. Be clear about the focus and the wording.

Remember, the overall objective is to confirm that the sequence will keep the prospects interested while avoiding mass information overload. On the side of caution keep their attention by minimising the number of emails they will receive. Too many and they will quickly unsubscribe.

Be Timely

There is nothing more annoying and no faster way to ruin your reputation than to promise something and then fail to deliver. If you offer something, then follow through – always! Make sure your discount codes and promotions are working properly, and you’ve dotted the I’s and crossed all the T’s to ensure that your customers are happy with everything you do for them. A common thing I see regularly is receiving an email with an exciting promotion or sale which fails to lead to anything other than an error page. It’s frustrating, and most of the time an opportunity for sale or contact is missed. Don’t leave the small details to chance.

Be Clear

It is so easy to double up on your call to action landing pages to minimise your workload. In this situation we have just three words, don’t do it! Always try to have one call to action per page and email. Failure to do so can muddle the message and puzzle the prospect. This clarity is the key to sending out emails which perform. Always make sure that the opportunity for the reader is clear, and the steps are easily laid out to avoid any unnecessary confusion. Without goals and purpose, your prospects won’t know where they stand. Set out the timeline and stick to it.

Be Consistent

Consistency is a subject that is often mentioned in our blog posts, but only because it is vital to the performance and the reputation of your business.

Make sure your landing pages are in sync with your overall brand, main website, and emails that are sent to your prospects to move them on to each stage of the sales funnel. There are many programs available, which can help you to achieve the level of professionalism needed to spur your readers on. Make sure that you do your research first and don’t blatantly copy email templates.

Be Authentic

Fake emails or inauthentic tones make your prospects want to run away as fast as possible. Just don’t do it! Show your true colours and highlight your unique skills as early in the campaign as possible. Much of this comes with confidence, but take it from us, the longer you are in business, the sooner you will wish you had highlighted your particular talents. Don’t forget to personalise the emails to connect with the readers and always keep them relevant. Always aim for value of information over a standard sales pitch in each aspect of your lead campaign.

If you think that all of this can be achieved in a couple of hours or even one afternoon, then think again. It may take you a week or two to clarify the stages, perfect your templates and test the campaign. Don’t rush the process or cut corners because as you know that’s when opportunities are missed. Once you can see the overall picture laid out on paper or the screen in front of you, it is easy to start filling in the details. Over time you will start to see all that hard work pay off when the lead-to-customer conversions come rolling in the door.

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