The Simple Way of Coming Up With Blog Topics

A blog that brings readers back for ongoing installments is a powerful information and marketing tool for any business. It needn’t be daunting to come up with topics, either. With a few simple techniques, you can quickly come up with a range of topics to engage your readership.

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Harness your ideas- When lightning strikes, catch it! Keep all your ideas in the one place, be it a notebook, spreadsheet, document file, or phone. The best ideas might only come around once. If you can keep a record of them as they pop into your mind, they will still be there when you have the time and creative energy to get into some blog writing.

Imitate the best- It is highly unethical to steal content, but do allow yourself to be inspired by the leaders in your field. If you like it, your customers will too. Why not give them a similar dish with your personal flavour? For your own sake, you need to be reading the best blogs related to your field as that’s how you’ll keep your knowledge up to date. Read widely and be prepared for the ideas to hit you.

Ask the experts– Who knows what your readers want? They do. Ask them what topics they want your opinion on, or reread their previous comments. What are they curious about? Alternatively, interview an expert in your field, and share what you learn with your readers. Another great idea is to follow the trends in news media that are relevant to your business, and allow these to influence your topics. It is easier than it sounds with tools like Google Trends. Just click to see what people are talking about right now.

Remake the hits– Use your analytics history to hone in on your most popular posts of all time. Are there aspects of these stories you can rehash, expand upon or update? If so, your readers will probably want to read what you have to say.

Use a Generator– While the algorithms can be clunky, some of them work quite well, or can provide some useful prompts to deeper ideas. Take a look at Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator for some straightforward titles (note- you may want to change it up so that you aren’t using a “run of the mill” title, or Portent’s Content Idea Generator for prompts and some tips on the why their elements have potential. While you might not use exactly what they come up with, you are bound to be inspired with ideas of your own.

Coming up with blog topics isn’t difficult when you keep your eyes and ears open, and record the ideas as they pop up. Get into the habit and you’ll soon find that your blog takes on a life of its own.

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