7 Tips for a Smooth Website Build

Developing your website is a significant investment in time and money. From the moment it’s launched and starts attracting traffic, it’s features and overall quality will start to be judged.

The biggest challenge with developing a website is gathering all of the content you would like place on there for your online sales assistant. Unless you have been through the process before there is some work involved.

So it’s important that when setting out to create a new site you have a clear appreciation of all the elements you will need to deal with. Here’s a useful checklist, including points that many people simply miss:

  1. Protect your brand name. In terms of online commerce this means finding and registering domain name URLs that are suited to your business name. Make sure (if they are available) that you get .com and .com.au. If you can afford it. Get as many url’s so that you can protect your brand and name as best as possible. If you want to check availability head on over to our website hosting website here.
  2. Plan your marketing campaign. Every business is unique and no two successful online marketing plans are identical. It’s likely that you will use some search engine optimisation (SEO) to help make your site rank on the first few pages of Google. This will influence the structure of your site and of course the language used in your content copy.
  3. Marshal your resources at the outset. It is always helpful to sketch out a wireframe of your site, so that you can see what you need and where it is to go: Elements you need to consider include:
    • Branding – make sure you have all your brand art work complete and available to the web designer.
    • Text, pictures and videos are the heart of your site. Text needs to be well-written and engaging. If you are planning to market your site through Search Engine Optimisation, it will need to skilfully incorporate your keywords. Unless you are confident of your ability to write persuasive, grammatically flawless copy, use a professional commercial writer.
    • Images and video you want to use.
  4. If you are building an eCommerce website (or site that people can purchase from) design your payment system. The object of your website is to attract visitors and then convert them into customers. With this in mind, it’s vital to have a fast, confidence-inspiring payment system. It should be easy and intuitive to use. Here are some things to consider:
    • What methods do you want to support – bank transfer, Paypal, credit card, etc?
    • What information do you need from customers? Obviously you need their shipping details, but resist the temptation to request more information than strictly necessary to conclude the transaction.
    • Large forms are a turn-off. If you want to obtain information that will assist your marketing in the future, request it AFTER the transaction has been concluded.
  5. Choose your web host – many of the cheaper hosts base their servers overseas, raising concerns about the security of data and about their ability to provide timely help when things go wrong. It is important that you do some research here. Make sure that the host provider suits your needs.
  6. If you are selling products online and are collecting client information it is important to have added security to your website which protects the information exchanged in online transactions. Internet shoppers have come to expect the reassurance that comes with the lock icon displayed on sites that have SSL and now TLS protection for their online transactions. TLS protected sites are now further distinguished by the green address bar and by having urls that begin https://****. If you are planning to engage in online commerce, these symbols must be visible on your site.
  7. Images and Video. Visual content is as important as good copy in rewarding your visitors. Images and videos need to be of high quality, but be optimised for fast loading – nothing loses you visitors like slow load times.

Once you have all of these items sorted this will assist you to ensure you have everything you need to provide your website designer and ensure that your website is built in a timely manner. It will also eliminate much “tooing and frowing”. If you need some more ideas of what Absolute Assistance – Virtual Assistant looks for when working with you to build your website. Download our checklist here.


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