5 Ways to Promote your Business Online, for Free!

The key to successful promotion of your business is to weigh up the benefits of each opportunity as it is presented. To ensure you get maximum exposure, it is essential to look at how much exposure your promotion will receive and whether it suits your exact target client,

Below are 5 ways to get you started in promoting your business online, for free:

  1. Social Media. Social media can encompass any number of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Periscope, Instagram, Google + and so many more. The key is to narrow your focus to exactly where your target clients are and utilise that space to its maximum capability. Trying to spread your promotion over all platforms will just give you a diluted promotion strategy that won’t be effective and will be time consuming.
  1. Article writing. This is an oldie, but still remains a goodie. Locate high traffic blogs or websites that cater to your target market and offer to write informative articles for them to use. Make sure the articles aren’t a direct sales pitch about your company but that they provide genuine information for the reader. The article should include your bio which will link to your website so that readers can follow up to find out more about you.
  1. Blog. Do you have a blog attached to your website? If not, why not? It is the ideal way to keep people informed on what is going on behind the scenes of your business. Make it informative, fun and interesting and be sure to let your clients know it exists. Write a blog post about someone that is influential in your industry (without being a direct competition to you). Perhaps celebrate their achievements in how they have helped to grow the industry etc., then cross promote your post on your social media outlets. Be sure to use hashtags # where relevant as this will attract the attention of media. For e.g. if you write about Richard Branson then be sure to use #RichardBranson when you cross-promote on social media.
  1. Networking. There are 1000’s of networks available online and in social media, but not all will give you the traffic or the sales that you need for your business. Start by locating the relevant networks to your business for example, if you are selling baby goods try your local online mothers groups. These are the most likely online networks that prospective clients will look to for support and recommendations. Be sure to not upset any admins of the group though as you ay get kicked off. It is always much better to contact them first if you can and ask to promote your goods or services.
  1. Press Release. The media need to fill their outlets with news stories and to do that they look to the public. If your business has a unique angle, a new service that benefits the local area or perhaps has won an award, then submit a press release to all major news outlets of relevance to your business. Be sure to make it newsworthy and not a sales pitch. The media are not interested in the fact that you now stock three colours of a product so be sure to try to link your product/service to a current news story or event to make it relevant and current.

Sadly in my experience there is no instant way to make people buy (unless you invent the next big thing). The trick to ensuring that these tips work for you is to keep consistent. Consistency is Key!

What other ways have you found beneficial to promote your business online for little or no cost?

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