5 Ways to Build Your Website Credibility

Your website is an important piece of virtual real estate. It is quite literally the doorway to your business. The first impression that you and your business will make on others is largely based on the appearance of your website.

If you want others to take you seriously, it’s important that you design your site so that it strengthens your credibility and projects the right image.  Using your site to build your authority increases your conversion rate and allows you to charge a greater price for your products and services.

Use the following 5 tips when designing your website to make your business more inviting and professional.

Hire an Expert.

There are literally dozens of free platforms that allow users to design and create their own site, but unless your business involves professional website design, you should hire an outside expert to create and build your site.  Doing so will allow you to benefit from their experience and avoid the common pitfalls that amateurs and novices make.  Mistakes made in simple areas such as colour scheme, layout and font size can make site navigation difficult for human and search engine robots alike, so take advantage of the skills and expertise of a professional if you want a site that visitors will take seriously.

Establish Your Authority in Your Niche.

Regardless of the type of product or service that you sell, it’s important that your site builds your reputation and establishes trust.  Having a blog where you create articles and posts around your specialty allows you to connect with visitors and build relationships so that you become the “go-to” leader that others turn to. Use this credibility to become the source that others turn to when they need information and advice, the latest industry news or related products and services.  You can extend your reach by researching related sites that your target audience visits, and contributing content such as guest posts to increase the backlinks to your site and further increase your authority in your niche.

Don’t be Afraid to Infuse Your Site with Your Personality.

Make it easy for visitors to connect with you and your business on an emotional level and see you as “real.” Post pictures of you and your associates. Tell stories about how and why you started the business and what your business is doing to help your customers improve some aspect of their lives. Show candid shots at events such as trade shows and seminars as well as images of the building and office where the work gets done.

Make it Easy to Make Contact.

Make it easy for others to connect with you and share your content with others. Have your full contact information displayed prominently on your site, and make certain that content such as new products, alerts for sales and specials, blog posts and newsletters each contain buttons that make it easy to share your content with others across a wide variety of social media networks.

Provide References and Testimonials.

Boost the confidence that others place in you and your services by including testimonials and references on your site. When customers send you compliments, ask them if you can publish their comments and ask clients to make recommendations for your work. Asking satisfied clients for referrals in addition to an endorsement can also increase your credibility and traffic.

Making a great first impression with your website means very little if you and your staff don’t have the training and skills necessary to back up your online claims. Take some steps to ensure that you and your associates are ready to handle the increased volume that a revamped and professional site will bring. If you need more help getting started improving your site, why not get in touch today?

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