5 Types of Blog Posts You Can Immediately Implement Into Your Business

Content marketing has come a long way since blogging first gained popularity. With both readers and search engines now expecting more, you need to make sure that your blog posts deliver. Do you know what type of posts and content engage your audience, and also help your site to perform well in search engine rankings? If you don’t you’re missing out big time on potential traffic and sales.

While content may be king, the key to the kingdom is variety. Creating content across a variety of different blog post styles helps unleash your natural creativity, which in turn will naturally help you deliver engaging and valuable content to your readers. By using one of these post ideas as a guideline or starting point, you’ll be off and running with your own unique content fast.

  1. The How-To Post

These are instructional posts, that provide direct information to the reader, often consolidating a larger topic into small, easy to follow steps. The most common form these posts take are lists, such as ‘top five reasons…’ or ‘top five ways to…’ Just like this post, in fact! These posts are often extremely popular, as they are easily consumed by your audience and offer valuable ‘insider’ advice.

  1. The News (or commentating on new) Post

Is there a hot topic in the media right now that’s relevant to your business? Many people will be searching for more information. Maybe the topic even has a trending hashtag you can use. Outline the key points of the story, and offer your personal opinion, including any changes you’re making or ways that you operate that makes you immune to whatever made news. These type of posts are an excellent way to get quick traffic, and also help you build trust with your readers.

  1. The Media Post

Rather than making every post all words, you should strongly consider including some with large images (such as infographics) or even video. Studies have shown that up to 40% of people respond better to visual information than plain text. In fact, publishers who used infographics found their traffic grew 12% faster than those who didn’t, and posts with videos attracted three times more inbound links than text posts. Visual media gives visitors variety, and can help show off a large amount of information more easily. They’re also great for search engine optimisation as they can generate a lot of backlinks.

  1. The Personal Post

Particularly for small businesses, visitors want to know who’s running the show. People like to know more about you, and a post that introduces you (or a staff member) can instantly win reader’s interest. If you have a personal story or memory that will engage your readers emotionally, you’ll help make your business seem more personal and approachable. If you don’t want to post about yourself, maybe you could interview a favourite customer or show how a client is using your product or service.

  1. The Entertaining Post

These type of posts are not meant to provide any great wisdom or shape your brand. Remember, your number one goal in blogging is to engage your audience. The entertaining posts does this in spades; it’s more likely to be shared, and also remembered best by your readers.

It’s important to take the general tone of your blog into account; is your brand playful and interactive or more professional or conservative?  You may want to share a story you’ve heard, or something that happened to you as a child. Maybe you saw a video online that gave you a chuckle. Is there someone famous or popular in your businesses niche that you could interview?

Before you end the post, include something of value to the reader, such as a lesson you learned from the experience. By injecting humour into the message of the post, it has a high likelihood of being shared and remembered.

Start by putting these five types of blog posts on rotation in your blogging schedule, and then evaluate each over time. Measure which performs best for your audience, and over time you’ll have the perfect blogging strategy to give you audience what they want.

If you need help coming up with blog post ideas other marketing suggestions, please just give me a call. I’ll be happy to help you.

And I’d love to hear your suggestions for other types of blog posts, so why not leave a comment for me, below?


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