5 Plugins to Make Your WordPress Website Run Better

Your website is your face to the outside world enabling you to earn money, educate your readers, develop your presence and strengthen your brand so maintaining a fast and efficient website is in your best interests.

One of the benefits of using WordPress is that you have a lot of control over the functionality, performance and speed. Here are five of my favourite and most practical plugins which you can use to your advantage to ensure your site is upholding a high standard of excellence on all levels.

Improve your images

With a memorable name, the EWWW Image Optimizer is a plugin we support. It removes a lot of the hard work, routinely optimising your images as you upload them to your website. It can also amend pictures that were uploaded before the installation of the plugin. This image optimiser is a complete timesaver and works on any host.

Select a Caching Engine

WP Super Cache generates static HTML files instead of processing the PHP scripts. In layman’s terms, the site should be noticeably faster and assist you dramatically, particularly in times of server issues or heavy traffic periods. With its simple user interface and easy maintenance system, this is one plugin we highly suggest you try for yourself.

Compress your files

GZIP compression allows you to zip your pages on your server before they are sent to your visitors. This enables you to save on bandwidth and increase the loading time of the webpage. The page is automatically unzipped by the viewer’s browser. We recommend the Check and Enable GZIP compression plugin for WordPress to offer immediate high-impact improvement.

Minification of Script

Minification is a fancy word for minimisation and generally refers to the removal of all redundant characters from your source code. We use WP Minify and W3 Total Cache to minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Note that this action does not change the code’s purpose and can fine-tune the user’s website experience. We have seen real results from these two plugins proving that they are indeed worth installing on your WordPress blog.

Clean Up your Database

We use WP-Optimize to clean our databases safely. It systematically removes any unnecessary data including pingbacks and trackbacks. It can carry out regular clean-ups providing statistics to show potential savings. A tidy database is a healthy one. We love it for its automation facility and the fact that it is simple to use, even for beginners.

These are just a handful of plugins that can help boost your speed and maximise the reach of your WordPress website. There are many more fabulous plugin options available, and it pays to do your research or speak to an expert. Of course, your choice of hosting can have a huge effect on the response time and efficiency of your site; but, that is a whole other blog post.

It is important that you always check your plugins routinely to see if they are affecting the performance of your website. While WordPress updates its platform regularly, many plugins are not upgraded in the same way. If you find that you have plugins that are no longer effective or slowing down your blog, then it may be time to source new ones. The time it takes to research more appropriate plugins will pay off in the long-term and benefit both you and your customers.

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