3 Tips for Creating Engaging ebooks

“Life without a Kindle is like life without a library nearby.”- Franz S. McLaren, Home Lost

Ebooks are the not so new but oh so practical thing. With so many people choosing to read on devices or Ereaders instead of the old fashioned way, it has never been easier to write and publish a book.

Whilst it is true that some people write for themselves alone, most authors write to be read.  If you want your book to be as well received and popular as possible, there are a few simple tips to connect with and engage your audience.

  1. Honest editing is essential

Anyone can self-publish these days, meaning there is no end of poorly written, badly presented and typo-ridden books by authors who will always be unknown as a result. As they should be. If you don’t have a book savvy, direct and tough skinned friend to give you honest feedback, then employ a freelance editor. Your subject might be fantastic, but the plot hard to follow, or the length too long, or the writing full of spelling or grammatical errors. Or the book might be complete rubbish but a stepping stone to greatness. A critical and independent eye is essential and money well spent.

  1. Presentation matters

No matter how great the subject or the writing, and how well edited and engaging the finished product is, how your book looks is hugely important. Not only does it need to be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to look at and read, depending how and where you intend to publish, it needs to be in set formats.

Amazon for example, uses the .mobi format, whereas the free and open standard of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) is .epub. And you’re going to want an attractive cover too.  Just because you are not printing doesn’t mean corners should be cut.

If your skills lie with writing alone and you are a little technologically or administratively challenged, or just time poor, then consider employing a professional and experienced virtual assistant to do the hard work for you and remove the frustration. And chances are you are not a graphic designer as well as writer so engage a professional for your cover as well! If you want people to read your e-book it needs to be as easy on the eye as possible to stand out from the crowd.

  1. Smart promotion attracts customers

Your average ebook reader and target is unlikely to find you using traditional book buying and promoting methods such as book tours and signings! That’s not to say you won’t attract traditional book buyers but you need to promote in the right way.  Those authors who have done well in this medium all say the same thing. Social media is the only way to promote. And it makes sense. People who use devices to read are more likely to use social media, read blogs, shop online and see your advertising and marketing! Besides, as a new author, it’s unlikely you can afford traditional advertising anyway, the good news is, it doesn’t work for this kind of book.

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