2015 Dreaming

I love January. It inspires so many people and is the start of so many new beginnings. In my case it brings the beginning of my 7th year in business and being self-employed. As with many self-employed people I spend much of December and January thinking about goals and opportunities for the New Year.

For the past week I have been holidaying with my family at the Sunshine Coast. I love this down time to reflect on my business and personal achievements. It helps me to think about the things that I really want and helps me to set my path for the year.

I have started my year off with what I think is a SMART goal for Social Media and have made myself even more accountable by shouting it out to the world (see post here). It was after this post that I saw the AusMumpreneur 28 Day Challenge and quickly signed up. It is networks like this that help to keep me motivated and inspired. It will also help me for the first few weeks for #WorkOnYourBusinessWednesday which you can also follow or join me here.

Reflecting, I couldn’t have got here without the strengths, which I consider relevant to be an entrepreneur or what some would say a Mumpreneur. Some of these strengths that I consider myself to possess are
• Courage
• Dedication and
• Determination

Being in business and being self-employed doesn’t come easy without the knowledge of sales, marketing, administration and good processes in place. For me, I am lucky to possess this and am privileged that my business and skills are designed to compliment other business owners along with their myriad of strengths and skills.

Personally in 2015 and amongst other aspirations, I would love to be able to go on another over seas holiday. While last year we spent a week in the Bali sunshine this year’s goal is to see the snow for the first time in New Zealand. It will be a first time for me and for my children. I love experiencing “firsts” with them and I know how excited they will be when plans are set in concrete, as they too have been dreaming of this for a good two years.

For Absolute Assistance – Virtual Assistant, I hope to grow my team of star VA’s so that I can concentrate on more of the skills and tasks that I love to do, help more businesses and gaining more work, life balance.

6 years in business has been quite the journey. There are so many lessons that have been learned and so many challenges that have been conquered.

I will look forward to the end of this year where I can review this post and update you with achievements personally and for Absolute Assistance – Virtual Assistant.

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